Our Mortgage and Protection Service

Besides providing leading edge mortgage and insurance solutions, our services add value to our clients by helping them to:

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The FCA do not regulate estate planning.

Not lose money unnecessarily by paying too much for their current borrowing.
Use the correct amount of deposit to secure the right interest rate offering.
Avoid paying hefty early redemption penalties or administration costs by partial loan repayments during the mortgage term.
Check how best to structure the term of any borrowing, in connection with your age, objectives and retirement plans.
Understand the risks associated with different repayment types (i.e. repayment versus interest only).
Not waste time and money with lenders and providers that appear attractive at first glance, but would ultimately not accept them due to strict underwriting criteria (e.g. income sources, deposit size, frequency of income, existing debt, property type, expenditure commitments, credit history would not suit the lender's appetite for risk).
Review how best to use their existing provisions while recommending any suitable new solutions.
Not waste money by paying too much for insurance to protect their assets.
Place their insurance in the right name, ownership and trust so that they legally and ethically do not pay too much tax when they pass on their estate.